Mike Fey

Standard Hotels

  • 2015

I worked with Alldayeveryday as a lead developer for Standard Hotels' website. I decided both the front and back-end architecture, and wrote most of the back-end code.


The CMS was custom built using Ruby on Rails and the front-end was built using React, rendered from the server.


For the front-end of this project we rendered individual React components within .erb templates. While this worked fine, it was a huge cognitive load to constantly switch between .erb and JSX. If I did this today I would have made the whole front-end a separate, single React app.

I was also initially responsible for the devops/deployment portion of this project, and I lacked experience getting a Rails app to run performantly on a production server. The image upload/manipulation library I chose to use had a great API, but used a lot of CPU and would lock up the entire app if a lot of images were being uploaded at once. Thankfully with a lot of leanring and help from someone more experienced in with devops, things were eventually running smoothly.

This version of the site is no longer online.