Mike Fey

Standard Hotels

  • 2015

I worked with Alldayeveryday as a lead developer for Standard Hotels' website. I decided both the front and back-end architecture, and wrote most of the back-end code.



The CMS was custom built using Ruby on Rails and the front-end was built using React, rendered from the server.


For the front-end of this project we rendered individual React components within .erb templates. While this worked fine, it was a huge cognitive load to constantly switch between .erb and JSX. If I did this today I would have made the whole front-end a separate, single React app.

I was also initially responsible for the devops/deployment portion of this project, and I learned the hard way that just because you have a Rails app working well locally, that doesn't mean it will perform well on your production server. Thankfully we got help with this from someone more experienced in the domain, and things were running smoothly.

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