Mike Fey


  • 2015

I worked with Wondersauce on the front-end team for a redesign of GQ.com.


I created prototypes during the design phase, using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The final implementation used React and Flux, and I worked with the team to build and implement the new components.


This was a pretty straight-forward build as far as the components, but I learned a lot about design systems when working on this project. Specifically how it’s important for component styles to be modular - all of the components needed to function well and look good when used anywhere on the page, in any order, and not just in specific slots within templates.

This was also one of the first React projects I worked on that rendered the initial markup from the server then hydrated the components from and API for subsequent requests. This worked fine but ended up adding a lot of complexity. If I had the choice today I would either statically generate the pages, or just render them from a server and use caching when necessary.

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