Mike Fey

I'm a software developer based in Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy building well-designed products and making them fast and usable. I specialize in front-end web development, but I enjoy working in all parts of the stack. I've also worked on microservices, custom CMSs, APIs and WebGL projects among other things. I work mostly with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.


I'm currently working at Teachable, where I've been full-time since late 2017. I'm on the front-end team, and work mainly on the core product - a CMS for creating courses and course marketing pages, and the experience for students taking courses.

Although I'm on the front-end team, I've been able to work on a variety of things accross the stack, including:

  • Implementing both the front and back end for user management within the app
  • Implementing a complex user permissions system across the app
  • Building a tool for creating and editing course sales pages
  • Brainstorming ways to update an outdated product without doing a complete rewrite
  • Migrating a single-page app from Angular to React/TypeScript
  • Building re-usable front-end components
  • Shaping the front-end interview process
  • Creating a microservice for compiling custom stylesheets on the fly
  • Prototyping ways to implement "themes" across schools

I'm also a mentor on Merit where I coach diverse and under-represented talent in tech to help grow their careers. Book time with me here.