Mike Fey

I'm a full-stack developer in Brooklyn, NY, currently working freelance.
I enjoy working on anything that mixes design and technology.

Selected work:


Carta is a product I built for people to share a list of books they recommend. I did the identity, design, and development, and generally had a great time working on it. I hope to get more people to add lists over time and build a few features to make it more interesting.


I handled all development for the portfolio site of ELI, a Danish image processing company. My good friend Frederik Kirketerp handled the art direction, and came up with the innovative concept for the homepage navigation.

Triangulated Helvetica

Experimentation with triangulation and Helvetica, using processingjs. I outlined letters using Illustrator, then exported the points and played around with drawing triangles between them.

Doubleday & Cartwright

I handled development for Doubleday & Cartwright's new site while working at the agency.